Thursday, July 19, 2007


  Well I took my kids out of Blaise School.

  All you have to do, as far as the authorities are concerned, is inform the head teacher that you intend to homeschool your children.

  It has made an incredible, positive impact on my kids :)

  It is hard work at times, but they have come on in leaps and bounds, and we don't have to worry nearly so much about the silly amount of dangerous dogs in Henbury. We've seen two dog incidents since then, but thankfully been involved in none. I educate my children to the best of my abilities, and they have a teacher/pupil ratio of 2:1, or better. Neither gets ignored, and they are not exposed to much we don't want them exposed to.

  The kneejerk reaction/criticism of homeschooling is: "...but won't they miss out on socialization?"

  Well, if you look at what homeschoolers actually say, then you will find that socialization is not a problem really. Putting kids in a forced environment with 30-odd other kids of their own age with one or two undervalued professional teachers is an artificial kind of socialization. Its good for them in peoples eyes mostly because its what they got when they were kids. It helps kids become their parents.

  Spending time with family, learning, and experiencing the world with a parent to help make sense of it all is a far more natural form of socialization. The socialization of the classroom and playground even, are effects of the nations system for creating workers. There are nice kids there of course, in that system. There are also not so nice kids, to say the least. If you are reading this, and you attended school, you'll remember them.

  I don't blame any teachers at Blaise. In fact, Ms Sh. and Mrs L were nice people, doing their best to accomodate us. (Thankyou, if you ever read this..)

  But here is my advice if you happen by this blog:

  • Don't move to Henbury if you have kids, or at all. There are many dangerous dogs and a fair ammount of dangerous people here.
  • Don't accept state schooling for your child if you can possibly homeschool, although neither are permanent. Just like your computers web browser: the default option is not the best.
  • Eat fruit and veg, and omega 3-6-9; don't eat junk food.
  • Give your kids the best you can, not what you are told or expected to give them.
  Thanks for reading.